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Integrated Supplier For Global Supply Chain

Benepure is a global research, manufacture and supplier of ingredients and their derivatives for healthcare industry. It owns strong research and development team, cutting-edge equipment, high-standard manufacturing base and philosophy of professional service, devoted to offering new products and innovative services in varied fields of pharmaceutical, functional food, cosmetics and feed industries. Our objective: we strive to provide high-standard products and professional services with higher efficiency and more convenience . we’ll never stop trying for humans’ health.


Established the first production line, engaged in raw material of traditional Chinese medicine processing.

Products exported to Japan, Korea, USA and European countries.

Set up the R&D team for natural plant extracts.

Set up natrual extracts production lines: Baicalin, Oleanolic Acid, St.John’s Wort Extract, Astragalus Extract.

Adjusted products strategy.
The main products engaged in: Citrus extracts and derivatives, Sophora Japoninca extracts and derivatives, and Resveratrol.

Organized R&D team for API, Amino Acids and their derivatives.
Got great achievement for Cephalotaxine, Aesculin in laboratory.

Brands registration successfully. Engaged in more products.
Regrouped as name of Sichuan Benepure Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Organized Co-R&D team with several research companies and laboratories, mainly covers 5 product categories, more than 300 beneficial ingredients, products exported to more than 40 countries and approved by the customers worldwide.


Implemented global development strategy, to be an integrated supplier for global supply chain.

We supply ingredients solution originated from natural citrus, following ingredients,extracts or mixtures has been developed for commercial market.

No.ProductCAS NOApplicationSource
1Citrus aurantium extract (Synephrine 6%~98%)94-07-5Dietary supplment100% natural from citrus
2Citrus bioflavonoids powder – water soluble (Bioflavonoids 45%) Naringin10236-47-2Food,beverage100% natural from citrus
3Citrus bioflavonoids powder (bioflavonoids 15%~90%) Hesperidin 520-26-3Dietary supplment100% natural from citrus
4Citrus bioflavonoids powder  (Bioflavonoids 30%~90%) Naringin 10236-47-2Dietary supplmentRow:4 Cell:5
5Diosmin 520-27-4Dietary supplment Obtained from citrus hesperidin
6Diosmin:Hesperidin = 9:1Dietary supplmentObtained from citrus hesperidin
7Eriocitrin13463-28-0Food,beverageObtained from citrus hesperidin
8Hesperetin Hesperetin FoodObtained from citrus hesperidin
9Hesperidin 90%~98% 520-26-3Dietary supplementObtained from citrus hesperidin
10Hesperidin methyl 11013-97-1MedicinalObtained from citrus hesperidin
11Hesperidin methyl chalcone (spray dryer powder) 24292-52-2Dietary supplementObtained from citrus hesperidin
12Lemon Bioflavonoids powder (Eriocitrin) 13463-28-0Food, beverage100% natural from citrus
13Limonin1180-71-8Dietary supplement100% natural from citrus
14Naringenin480-41-1FoodObtained from citrus naringin
15Naringin pure 10236-47-2Food100% natural from citrus
16Naringin Dihydrochalcone 18916-17-1FoodObtained from citrus naringin
17Neohesperidin 13241-33-3Dietary supplement100% natural from citrus
18Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone 96% & 97% 20702-77-6Food,feed Obtained from citrus neohesperidin
19Apigenin520-36-5Nutrition,CosmeticObtained from citrus naringin
20Diosmetin520-34-3Dietary supplmentObtained from citrus hesperidin
21Luteolin491-70-3Dietary supplmentObtained from citrus naringin

Customer manufacturing

Except for above standard products, customer manufacturing is welcome upon following situation:
— Single ingredient with different purity required
— Mixed compounds with several ingredients
— Other natural ingredients not listed but available from citrus fruit
— Other derivatives not listed but obtained from citrus ingredients



Citrimore is formed for citrus extracts and their derivatives. Through decades’ in-depth study on various of citrus in different places of origin, We obtain a clear understanding in Citrus.

Troxepure refers natural Sophora Japonica L. Extracts and derivatives, with Troxerutin as the focus, including Rutin, Quercetin, L-rhamnose.
Troxepure is wildly used in health care products, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage industry because of their good protection of cardiovascular functions.


For the active ingredients developed from natural plants, Plants for life started in 2008, which are used for pharmaceutical, nutriceutical supplement,cosmetic, and colorant etc.
With the esteem of lives, and significance understanding of the plants, we keep striving to study on various plants, and develop, produce effective products, to generate better healthy life.

Resvepure is dedicated for Resveratrol, classified as one of polyphenols with high biological property, isolated from the plant source peanuts, grapes(red wine), polygonum cuspidatum, mulberry, etc.
Resvepure are wildly used in medicine, health care products, cosmetics, food and beverage and other fields.


Sweemore refers to the natural sweeteners, providing 100% natural, healthier and safer substances for consumers.
Sweemore are derived from natural plants, with excellent taste and sweetness, and it can improve the function of the human body, and even can add natural vitamin and has treatment and prevention of diseases.

Benutri are for nutritional ingredients of dietary supplement, vitamins, fruit and vegetable juice powders.


Bedic Ingredients are formed by the API and amino acids and their derivatives in the pharmaceutical industry.

Engaged in animal and agricultural fields, beneHalqui covers our veterinary products.
One of the strong products “halquinol”, is a kind of antibiotics, with the function of adjusting enteric microoraganism balance for livestock and poultry.
It is widely used in feeding for treatment of ntestinal infectious diseases and precaution for fungal infection.